Things A Wheelchair User Should Have For Mobility

Each injury requires an appropriate wheelchair, and it is essential always to make sure of this with a professional in the area, such as the occupational therapist, who can define which model suits each case well, ensuring the choice of the correct equipment and that it will not cause any problems long term. You can meet New York wheelchair van rental for their easy mobility.


The backpack works as a pack of greater capacity, holding heavier or bulky objects and freeing the upper limbs for driving a wheelchair or for other daily activities. It also has good functionality for performing the most varied tasks in the work environment, as it increases the individual’s ability to carry objects from one place to another.

Most of the time, they are fixed to the backrest of the wheelchair, and it is common to find items that are imperceptible when they are empty, thanks to the existence of buttons that hold the backpack, keeping it closed. As the objects are placed, the fasteners are released, which allows for easy transport.

Wheelchair Activity Table

Not all people with physical disabilities choose to transition to the standard table during class. In addition to being a tiring process, the seats are not always adapted to accommodate those who need a more functional space.

Currently, it is possible to find activities tables for wheelchairs on the market. This adaptation achieves a structure very close to what is used in the school environment.

The accessory saves effort and allows the wheelchair user to use books or notebooks without moving comfortably. They are also handy for home use, especially when notebook use is needed or for other needs.

Wheelchair Umbrella

Walking down the street in the rain is naturally uncomfortable, but it’s even worse for those who need to drive a wheelchair and hold an umbrella. Covers end up being a resource, but not everyone adapts to use.

The wheelchair umbrella is an invention aimed at those who are always on the streets and, eventually, are subject to getting wet on cloudy days or when sudden weather changes occur. The accessory can be attached to the wheelchair in an easy and very functional way. With tremendous flexibility, the umbrella is adjustable and can be adjusted to protect whoever uses it perfectly. The solution is simple but very practical and efficient.

Support For Crutch/Cane

For those with reduced mobility, the use of a crutch or cane is frequent. Many also use motorized wheelchairs or electric scooters to travel long distances. With that in mind, the support for a crutch and cane is attached to the vehicle, making it easier to drive without holding them.

Support For Serum/Blood/Oxygen

Many people who use a wheelchair during hospitalization or recovery need specific health support. In this context, the support for serum, blood, and even oxygen is ideal for facilitating the mobility and handling of the wheelchair since it is attached to the equipment without causing harm or inconvenience to the user. It is designed to promote and generate more comfort for recovery and travel!


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