This tip is probably something you heard from someone while learning to drive. Stick a copper Honest Abes head into your tires to check that your tires are still ready for the road. If you can see his entire head sticking out, it’s time for you to change your tires.

What is the 16th president telling us? Is this the best way for you to decide if you should look into new tires? Rent A Wheel’s crack team of researchers will be assisting you in the ” Penny test”

When your Tires are Toast

You are driving down the highway in your sick car. Everything is going smoothly. Because you love your car, you take good care of it. It looks great and sounds great. And when you put the gas pedal in, it goes way faster than all the other cars. Imagine your tires spinning around the pavement. Sometimes, it spins so fast that those amazing rims from Rent A Wheel seem blurred. There are few things that feel more satisfying than watching a well-tuned car speed down the road.

Then, you see someone behind you hit the brakes or notice a mattress in the middle the road. You suddenly find yourself in a jam and have to brake quickly. The mattress is rising faster than you expected, so you need to brake quickly. You slam your foot on the pedal, and your car tries its hardest to stop. You keep sliding and suddenly the mattress is heading straight into your car.

We want you to avoid this situation. It’s not a good idea to discover that your tires are having problems when you’re driving on the highway. It is easy to see signs of trouble in your interior, engine, car and car. How can we ensure that our tires last a long time?

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