The Expenses You Will Incur While Shipping a Car

Moving a car from one point to another is always a big task and especially when you cannot drive it yourself. Taking help from a shipping company is always a good choice in such cases, especially when you want to transport something so expensive. There are various methods available along with the other car-specific factors, which can affect the cost of shipping the car.

A car shipping company is always in contact with various truck drivers. They make these truck drivers bid for your transport, thus giving you the exact quote for your shipping. So, what you get from these shipping companies is always going to be the final car shipping cost. If you are planning to move your vehicle to another city, then we have one of the best companies who can help in this and i.e. Ship a Car, Inc. who has huge networks with various trucks or carriers. They can give you the best pricing for this along with a safety guarantee.

What does the average car shipping cost?

The average cost for car shipping could be around $1290. It is an estimate that has been found by checking with all the different car shipping companies. For an open carrier, the average cost would be around $630, whereas for an enclosed truck the average cost would be around $1810. 

There are many factors which affect the costings like:

  • The type of transportation to be used
  • The distance to be traveled
  • The size of the vehicle to be transported.

Type of transportation:

Open car transport is always the cheapest option when it comes to money. It is on average $420 more than the enclosed one. Enclosed ones are a good option too and are safe, but it can be better for people having the most luxurious or antique cars, which need more safety.

The distance:

Nobody wants to spend more on gas prices. Hence when people use carriers for longer distances then it will definitely cost you more. Especially when there is the door-to-door delivery or in a rural location where the carrier has to travel an extra mile or outside his general routes then he will definitely have to pay more. 

The size:

The size of the vehicle plays an important role in the changes in the rate of the car because the larger vehicles will take up more space on the transporter, which means there will be less space for other vehicles in the car. Also, the weight of the car matters, where larger vehicles weigh more and this will reduce the carrying capacity of the truck. Hence, the cost of the shipping will go on increasing from a small car to a big truck.

There are also factors like timelines and seasons that can affect the pricing of this shipping cost. 

Once you call the car shipping companies, they will give you an estimate, and once you agree they send the details forbidding to all the trucks or carriers. The lowest bid done by the truck driver will be your final price and ultimately a carrier will be assigned to you. 


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