Services Only Authorized Auto Body Shops Can Offer

The automotive industry as a whole does not only involve manufacturing and selling of vehicles, but also repairing and maintaining them. The second part of the industry can be recognized as a separate industry in itself, since it involves loads of aspects, in it. In the first place, the automotive repair and servicing industry divides itself in several parameters. In the first level, the industry gets divided by the authority who run the car repair services. If the repair center is run by an authorized dealership, that sells the product of a particular brand, it automatically becomes an authorized auto repair center. On the other hand, the same service can also be offered by private business people, who focus only on repairing and maintenance of cars, but do not sell any of their products, apart from accessories, described the owner of the CDA collision repair center.

The next division of the auto repair industry is done on the basis of the kind of services they offer. If a service center offers services related only to the mechanisms of the vehicle, they will be called as auto repair centers. But if they choose only the auto body parts as there area of                services, they will be called as auto body shops. Usually the auto repair shops and the auto body shops never intermingle their gamut of services, and stay distinctively separate from each other, but when it comes to the auto service centers run by the authorized car dealerships, they offer a comprehensive package of services including both the streams of car repair.

Likewise, when you visit a private auto body shop, you can get several services done, but not all. There are some major auto body repair services that require good enough space, highly advanced machinery and well-trained mechanical skill. Since not all only auto body shops are able to procure them under the same roof, they do not include such services.

Here is a list of those auto body repair services that you can get only at authorized auto body shops.

Frame Straightening

When a vehicle get trapped into a severe collision, it can take a toll on the basic structure of the vehicle. In many cases, the body of the vehicle goes beyond the scope of any repair job. But before declaring a ‘no hope’ situation, one can give it a try in the authorized auto body shops for a frame straightening service. As the name suggests, this is a procedure in which hydraulic energy is used to straighten the main structural frame of a vehicle that got damaged and curved in a collision. With this service, the broken structure of a vehicle is brought back to as good a shape as normal. This service needs a bigger infrastructure and enough skilled labor, apart from the machinery that uses the hydraulic force. So, you usually do not find this particular service to be offered at the private garages.

Body Panel Replacement

Replacing the car body panels is a high precision job that can be carried out only by the authorized auto body shops, where the mechanics are trained by the relevant automotive brand factories. In usual cases, a car body panel replacement is done only at the dealership authorized auto body shops, shared the mechanics of the CDA collision repair shop.

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