How Ride Comfort is Ensured in Every 2021 Nissan Model?

Nissan is a brand name in the automotive industry that is known for its own innovative way of building vehicles. Currently, the Nissan car models like the Nissan Leaf, Altima, Rogue, are appreciated worldwide for their supreme ride quality. When we asked the Watsonville Nissan dealership, how this is achieved they explained to us the following:

Nissan ProPILOT Assist Technology: Tech Feature that Reduces Drive Fatigue

ProPILOT Assist is the name of the package that consists of a handful of river assist technologies using which the one who sits behind any Nissan model will not feel tired, even after long hours of continuous drive.

The ProPILOT Assist is a driver assist system that helps the drivers hands-on with the combined effect of Nissan’s own Intelligent Cruise Control system and the Steering Assist technologies. This feature helps the Nissan model with a stop and hold function to bring the vehicle to a complete stop, when there is need, and pushes back the car into motion, when the traffic starts moving again.

There are other features well, in this ProPILOT Assist system, like the Speed Adjust by Route to quickly adjust to the set speed which is good for the route one has taken. Both these features allow the Nissan models to be more intuitive in the driving responses, as well as offering the occupants an enjoyable drive.

Nissan Safety Technology

Nissan keeps its drives safe with the help of the latest technologies, that protects the car and its occupants from all possible collisions and drive hazards, which are common to crop up in several drive situations. Here we have pulled those safety feature from Nissan that the brand has named as the Safety Shield 360.

The Safety Shield 360 brings you six Intelligent Mobility features from Nissan that can monitor the oncoming driveways and let you know in advance, what lies in front of you, what is left behind you and how safe are your car body sides. On the basis of these sets of information given to you by the Safety Shield 360, you can take the right decision towards keeping your driver safe from all odds.

Automatic Emergency Braking W/ Pedestrian Detection

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection is an audio-visual alert system that applies the brakes of the Nissan car within the nick of the time, if the driver fails to do so. This system acts both in the directions of front and rear, since a car can need to stop moving both ways, if a vehicle or a pedestrian is too close to its front or at the rear.

The same technology works with Rear Cross Traffic Alert system that warns you against the approaching cars but is not within your eyesight.

Blind Spot Warning

Drive any latest Nissan car like the Altima or the Rogue, the technology assistance you get as standard is the Blind Spot Warning system that can help you to see what you can’t. it stops you from moving any direction, when there is a car or a living being standing too close to your car, which your eyesight did not notice.

Apart from this, the latest Nissan cars also come equipped with a full set of airbags that get automatically inflated at the strategic points, to save the Nissan car travelers from severe impacts of an unavoidable collision, assured a sales personnel at the premise of the famous Nissan dealership Watsonville.