Can a Used 2018 Toyota RAV4 Be an Ideal Adventure Partner? 

Anyone who loves to drive through challenging routes and reach unknown destinations, would know the worth of a Toyota vehicle, especially its SUVs. But as they are worth your attention, they do ask an expensive investment to drive up to your basement, and let you own it. That is one of the reasons why a huge number of buyers prefer buy a used Toyota SUV model, like the RAV4.

We became sure of this fact, when we witnessed good number of Toyota RAV4 getting sold, especially the 2018 model edition, at the Boise certified Pre-owned Toyota dealer. When we surveyed a group of buyers, whether they were happy with this used 2018 Toyota RAV4 purchase, nearly all of them tagged this rugged SUV as an ideal road adventure partner.

Standard Powertrain Components

The 2018 model year edition of the Toyota RAV4 series came with a standard powertrain that used a 2.5L Inline-4 engine at the base that is known for producing 176 hp and 172 lb-ft of torque, after coupling with a six speed automatic transmission. The 2018 model year edition of the Toyota RAV4 series also offered a hybrid variant that used the same Inline-4 engine, but backed up by three efficient electric motors, to make a still higher horsepower count of 194. This hybrid variant however makes use of a CVT simply to carry the power to the respective wheels, to which you configure the SUV with.

The year 2018 also have the RAV4 lovers a special new edition trim named as Adventure that was ideally crafted to sail through all possible off-road challenges. For this, this special RAV4 models were fitted with most advanced features like pairs of 18-inch alloy wheels, all-weather floor mats, a special Tow Prep package, and lot more.

The 2018 model year lineup of the Toyota RAV4 series followed a strict ideology of sheer practicality, but at an extra cost. This particular edition of the Toyota RAV4 series has is solely made to cater to the whims of the road adventurers, just as the trim name says. It is specifically manufactured to handle all the challenges an off-road route can throw at it. Built up on six distinctive trim levels, namely the LE, XLE, SE, Limited, Platinum, and Adventure, the buyers of a used version of the 2018 Toyota RAV4 model will surely achieve a sense of pride that can lead you through an adventurous route with so much dignity and efficiency.

Handling Through Different Drive Modes

If you are buying a used version of the 2018 Toyota RAV4 model, you are going to be blessed with an adventurous ride and drive experience, since the model will come in different drive modes, to adjust with the different drive conditions through various steering responses.

Moreover, the special driving dynamics applied to this Toyota SUV makes it ready to handle any off road surfaces like soft mud, sandy and watery surfaces, and crossing the hilly terrains with ease. Specially, if you are fortunate enough to grab a deal on the Adventure trim model, the 2018 Toyota RAV4 model will guide you through the most adventurous route towards your newfound destinations, assured the Boise CPO Toyota dealer.

Clare Louise